Equity.Guru podcast: Tinley Beverage Company (TNY.C)


Launching a beverage line isn’t easy. Launching a cannabis-infused beverage line in California, a notoriously challenging market for newcomers, is even harder.

Frequent regulatory changes were an undeniable obstacle, but companies like Tinley Beverage Company (TNY.C) managed to take it on the chin and keep moving forward.

Tinley’s second generation of beverages are ready to hit shelves, with a third phase in the pipeline. But delayed rollouts have been a concern to some investors, so Jeffrey Maser, Tinley CEO, spoke with Equity.Guru’s Chris Parry to explain the challenges they’ve faced and to lay out the next 12 months.

Listen in!

Full disclosure: Tinley Beverage Company is an Equity.Guru marketing client.

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