Anyone who has played sports knows that pain is part of the process.

It’s rough on hobbyists who may lose work, but it’s far worse on professional athletes who may have to to risk their livelihood by playing hurt and therefore have to turn to other methods for managing their pain.

That’s why the pain management therapeutics market is expected to reach upwards of USD$83 billion by 2024, and with it comes a whole host of problems such as opioid addiction in the case of painkillers.

That also makes a strong case for CBD products, and what makes them so attractive to athletes, no matter their skill level.

Infused MFG, a subsidiary of 1933 Industries (TGIF.C), is seeking to attract athletes of all types by signing a two-year licensing agreement with House of Hawk, the company owned and operated by pro-skateboarding legend, Tony Hawk.

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Tony Hawk is an internationally renowned athlete who has built a branding empire over the past 30 years, and a partnership with House of Hawk will add brand recognition to Infused’s products.

“We’re excited to be a part of this new movement that is becoming more recognized as a healthy alternative to recovering from the aches and pains that we regularly incur in the action sports world. And we couldn’t be happier to join forces with Canna Hemp, an established and trusted partner with an expertise in this market,” Hawk said.

Infused launched its Canna Hemp X line in 2018 under brand manager, David Hafsteinsson. Now that they’re collaborating with Tony Hawk, Infused will launch several co-branded products, including CBD recovery creams and lotions, as well as hemp-only products.

Proposed benefits for athletes include:

  • Pain and inflammation management
  • Nausea
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Muscle spasms
  • Concussion protection

OG DNA Genetics

Another 1933 Industries subsidiary, Alternative Medicine Association (AMA), has signed a two-year agreement with OG DNA Genetics to cultivate, manufacture, distribute and sell OG’s branded cannabis in 1933’s Nevada stores.

Their contribution to 1933 Industries going forward comes from their quality cannabis flower, and also from the brand recognition that OG DNA brings to the table.

OG DNA Genetics is a globally recognized cannabis brand founded in 2004 by Don Morris and Aaron Yaroni. The company spent their first decade developing a seasoned genetic library and proven standard operating procedures for genetic selection, breeding and cultivation.

“Through our strong distribution networks where our products are sold in state-wide dispensaries, AMA controls one of the largest market shares for wholesale branded goods in the state of Nevada. We will welcome DNA into our first-class platform of education, sales, and customer service,” said Chris Rebentisch, COO and Founder of Infused.

DNA’s genetics have won more than 200 awards in all categories at some of the most prestigious cannabis events around the world.

Some of these awards include the High Times Top 100 Most Influential In Cannabis and High Times Trail Blazers Award, which is given out at the world’s first Cannabis Business Summit in Washington D.C.

—Joseph Morton

Full disclosure: 1933 Industries is an Equity.Guru marketing client.

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