Equity.Guru podcast: Lifestyle Delivery Systems (LDS.C) boss says patience will be rewarded – this quarter


Lifestyle Delivery Systems (LDS.C) is a United States-based manufacturer of cannabis edibles. The company has had its share of hard knocks establishing a presence in the legal California cannabis market and has had to answer for a string of missed milestones.

Many of the hiccups can be attributed to California’s ephemeral cannabis legislation which continued to change considerably after legalization, often without warning and without an ounce of understanding for the companies in the space.

However, hard questions for the company’s management still need to be asked. Equity.Guru’s Chris Parry spoke with Brad Eckenweiler, LDS CEO, to provide an explanation for past activities, an outline for what LDS is doing now and a map of where the company intends to head over the next 12 months.

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Full disclosure: Lifestyle Delivery Systems is an Equity.Guru marketing client.

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