Lifestyle Delivery Systems (LDS.C) adds 8 new dispensaries

On February 11, 2019, Lifestyle Delivery Systems (LDS.C) announced that it has added eight additional dispensaries to carry its Rêveur line of products:

  • Home Grown Holistic – Vallejo
  • Higher Elevation – Oakland
  • Life Enhancement Services – Vallejo
  • Green Pearl – Desert Hot Springs
  • High Note West – Culver City
  • High Note East – Culver City
  • Fire Farms – Sacramento
  • Cannabis Buyers’ Club of Berkeley (CBCB) – Berkeley

LDS is a vertically integrated weed company with an isogenic pollination nursery and state-of-the-art production facility in California, producing cannabis-infused strips (similar to breath strips).

The additional retail footprint was achieved through a partnership with Rise Logistics – expanding its reach across California’s $3.7 billion cannabis market.

Rise Logistics is contracted to provide brand support and educational programs for retailers as Rêveur expands its footprint throughout the California market.

“The relationship we have with Rise Logistics goes a lot deeper than just the Rêveur brand,” stated Casey Fenwick, President of LDS, “We are very confident that the entire Rêveur line, including our flagship CannaStrips product, will benefit from the market and brand awareness established by this relationship.”

15 months ago, we drove two hours east of Los Angles to a tiny desert town (pop. 30,000) called Adelanto –and toured the LDS California facility.

We peppered the CEO, Brad Eckenweiler with questions: What is an Isogenic strain? How do you track inventory?  What is your Cannastrip Production Capacity?  What is the margin on each strip? What are your projected sales?

You can hear the answers to these questions by following our camera through the factory and listening to Eckenweiler.

“The benefits from the Rise Logistics relationship and Mr. Fenwick’s marketing expertise are already being felt,” stated Eckenweiler, “We are building a marketing foundation for the CSPA Group brand.”

LDS has previously entered into a Joint Venture (JV) with CSPA to establish operations within an existing building that currently has a manufacturing permit to extract and produce cannabinoid products in Adelanto, California.

CSPA launched Rêveur, “a new luxury brand of cannabis products for the California market.” On October 1, 2018, LDS’  Rêveur Holdings acquired the CSPA Group.

All retailers are not created equal.

Rise Logistics is doing a good job building a curated list of dispensary partners.

For instance, one the eight new dispensaries is “Green Pearl” in Desert Hot Springs (pop. 28,000) located in the Coachella Valley.  It is one of few places in the world with naturally occurring odorless hot & cold mineral springs.

“I love the clean and convenient location because it’s not in a populous area of town with people loitering around the building,” writes one reviewer about Green Pearl on Weed Maps, “I also Iove that I can just say ‘Hey, I’m looking for something with aphrodisiac qualities’ and they’ll know exactly what to recommend in a specialty pre-roll. The comfort level is high enough that I can do that without feeling weird about it. Lol I don’t go anywhere else!”

Last week, LDS announced that its 100%-owned subsidiary, Core Isogenics has begun nursery operations at the Adelanto facility.

Core Isogenics goal is to “control all aspects of plant genetics” with consistent and repeatable cannabinoid, terpene and flavonoid profile compositions.

The plants that will be developed by Core Isogenics will have defined yields and precise genetic profiles for Core Isogenics’ cultivation as well as contract growers.

Eckenweiler maintains that the cannabis market is “a menagerie of cross strains” creating weakening genetics.

“The medicinal future of cannabis depends on the ability of cultivators and manufacturers to deliver the same exacting ingredients consistently,” stated Eckenweiler, “That is only possible if those ingredients can be repeated harvest after harvest, which requires complete control of the cannabis plant genetics.”

On November 7, 2018 LDS reported revenues of $1,171,380 , largely from the sales of extracted distillate and white label distillate production.

“The value of this latest market foundation will become evident in Q2, 2019,” stated Eckenweiler about the impact of the 8 new dispensaries, “as we expand into segments of the cannabis market currently under-served by the majority of manufacturers.”

Full Disclosure:  LDS is an Equity Guru marketing client, and we own the stock.

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If you look at the press release from November 7th 2018, I believe you will find that LDS bought the remaining 25% from CSPA group – so they are now entitled to 100% of the revenue.