VIVO Cannabis (VIVO.V) has selected Dr. Richa Love, the medical director at their subsidiary, Harvest Medicine, to serve as their company’s chief medical officer.

Love has built a reputation as a passionate patient-advocate with her integrated approach to patient wellness. In the past, she has researched the effects of medicinal cannabis and seeks to use her findings to provide validity to cannabinoid-based therapies.

With her focus on developing new delivery mechanisms and formulations for specific medical conditions, VIVO feels Love’s expertise will help shape the company’s approach to patient wellness as well as consumer education.

“Throughout her career, Dr. Love has provided thousands of patients with cannabis assessments and has become an industry leader in helping patients improve their lives with cannabis. As Chief Medical Officer at VIVO, Dr. Love will play a critical role in helping guide product development and innovation, along with serving as a valuable resource for our patients and team of healthcare and retail professionals. She makes a great addition to our team of medical experts and further strengthens our position as a leader in the medical cannabis space,” said Barry Fishman, CEO of VIVO.

In addition to her duties offering specialty at Harvest Medicine’s medical cannabis clinics offering education, care, advice and follow-up support, Love is the founder and CEO of CannU, an online cannabis education and training resource geared towards patients, consumers, retail workers and the health care community.

Love earned her doctorate from the University of Calgary in 1998 with a specialty in family practice. She has been nominated multiple times for the Outstanding Physician of the Year Award by the Albert College of Family Physicians, and has a breadth of experience in teaching and advocacy capacities within the medical community.

“In this role, I will support VIVO as the Company continues to develop a best-in-class medical cannabis offering, applying the rich insights I have gained through, my research into cannabinoid-based therapies and through the thousands of consultations I have had with patients seeking medical cannabis treatment,” said Doctor Love.

VIVO’s new CMO be present at the 2019 Lift & Co. Expo in Vancouver from January 11 to 13. She will represent VIVO on two panels, sharing her experiences from when she initially entered the medicinal cannabis space. She will discuss the latest in cannabis research, studies and treatments and explain the merits of certain cannabis applications. Go here to learn more about the Expo.

Here is a clip about the 2018 Lift Cannabis conference.

Full Disclosure: VIVO is an Equity Guru marketing client.

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