Deathwatch: MedMen (MMEN.C) is cutting out everything but the cancer that is killing it

If you've been around this joint for a while, you'll have seen us arguing folks would be silly to invest in MedMen (MMEN.C) if hanging on to your money is a thing you aspire to do. That's not because we have a hate on for the dude-bros running the show, or because they're not a client, or because we're short sellers, or any of the other 50 or so reasons MedMen homers have thrown at us over the last few years as a rationale for us not seeing the company in the same rose-coloured way they do. It's because MedMen is, and has always been, shit.

Colony Capital (CLNY.NYSE) jumps on Brazil growth train with infrastructure acquisition

Whatever your feelings about Brazillian President Jair Bolsonaro, his plan to increase total infrastructure investment through partnerships or privatization seems to be bearing fruit. The Brazil government’s plan to boost the economy through doubling investment in infrastructure to approximately $65 million has drawn some attention from companies sniffing out ways to pad out their bottom line.

Wednesday Recap: Going Steady

The Fed left interest rates unchanged on Wednesday, and chairman Powell reinstated his belief that the labour market can improve further despite unemployment being at a half-century low. “Even though we’re at 3.5% unemployment, there’s actually more slack out there,” Powell said. “And the risks of using an accommodative monetary policy’’ to boost the labour market are “relatively low.’’

Viasat (VSAT.Q) closes digital divide in Mexico so everyone can see Mexican cat videos

On the whole, the effect of the internet on our quality of life is generally considered to be a positive. It’s closed massive communication gaps in space and time, it’s opened up whole new vistas in commerce, and without it, I’d probably be driving a busted up forklift right now, so I really have little to complain about. But I will anyway, and so will you and now, thanks to the global communications company, Viasat (VSAT.Q), so can the millions of people in Mexico, who were once left without reliable high speed and quality internet access, but aren’t now.

Tuesday Recap: Trade Talks, NAFTA, and Chevron

Trade Talks So here’s the thing: I think we’re in a classic game of Russian roulette. At this point in trade talks its really a matter of time before China and US finally admit to each other that they would rather engage in what is clearly a patter of self-destructive behaviour than come to a mutual agreement about any deal that might be on the table.