Nine products from Yield Growth (BOSS.C) have passed Health Canada’s stability and preservative tests, the company announced today.

All nine of the Yield Growth’s products include hemp root oil and produced with the company’s proprietary patent-pending extraction process.

Stability testing, of the kind conducted by Health Canada, “provides the evidence for the quality of the product under different environmental factors like temperature, humidity and light” to determine a product’s shelf life and, ultimately, its expiration date.

Urban Juve, Yield Growth’s subsidiary, has filed 11 provisional patents in the US to guarantee intellectual property rights on its extraction process and derivative formulas.

Yield Growth’s Health Canada’s approved products

  • Sunscreen
  • Pain balm
  • Sports spray
  • Topical analgesic
  • Sexual lubricant
  • Lip gloss
  • Vitalize body exfoliant
  • Balance body exfoliant
  • Align body exfoliant

Yield Growth says it intends on infusing some of the recently certified products with THC and CBD and distributing them throughout Oregon.

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In combination with its other subsidiary, UJ Topicals, Yield Growth says it aims to have 22 different products brought to market in the US and Canada by Spring 2019.

From Yield Growth’s product lookbook.

Yield Growth is heavily invested in the cosmetics market. Besides offering a litany of health and wellness products, the company added Thomas Bond to its board of directors last week to better penetrate a sector with long-established movers and shakers.

Bond has over than 35 years of experience in “financial and operational positions with companies engaged in cosmetics, apparel, and construction.”

Nascent cannabis market already disrupting established industries

Yield Growth’s focus on the wellness and cosmetics market–combined with recent legislative changes–augurs well for the company’s future: the recently passed US farm bill allows for the cultivation of industrial hemp throughout all 50 states.

Even without the legalization of hemp and hemp-derived CBD in the US, cannabis is already posing a serious threat to well-established industries, , according to a new report by

Multi-billion dolar industries such as alcoholic beverages, sports drinks, pharmaceuticals and tobacco are all being challenged by the growing prevalence and acceptance of product formulations which are increasingly made with cannabis.

As proof, cigarette giant Altria (MO.Z) recently took a 45 percent stake in Cronos Group (CRON.T).

Besides drinks, the wellness industry is also seeing a rising demand for cannabis-infused products.

According to an A.T. Kearney consumer survey, 80% of respondents believe cannabis products can offer wellness or therapeutic benefits. Up to 43% would try therapeutic or supplemental cannabis-infused products. In addition, the survey found that food, vitamins, skincare products and non-alcoholic beverages were the most favored.


Similarly to Altria’s investment in Cronos, Yield Growth’s specialization in cannabis-infused wellness products–and its low valuation–may make it an attractive cosmetics companies such as Estee Lauder (EL.Z) and Proctor and Gamble (PG.Z).

Yield Growth is currently trading at $0.19 and it currently has a market cap of just over $14 million.

The company’s CEO and President, Penny Green, was recently featured on an episode of the Newly Trading! podcast which you can listen to here.

Full disclosure: Yield Growth is an Equity Guru marketing client.

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