AUDIO: Equity Guru talks to ABC Radio’s NT Country Hour about Wayland Group’s (WAYL.C) Tropicann acquisition

Matt Brann

Our recent article on the headwinds faced by Wayland Group’s (WAYL.C) acquisition of NT minnow Tropicann Pty Ltd caught the attention of NT Country Hour host Matt Brann.

Soon after digesting it, he asked if we’d like to be on the show to discuss the Tropicann acquisition further.

Like totally, yuppers, fo’ shizzle.

We Skyped last week and knocked out 10 minutes of decent audio. We’re the first interview on the show, which was broadcast Wednesday, December 19, 2018.

Our segment runs from 01:32 until 12:48 of the 1-hour program.

Check it out y’all!

NB: Should the above frame fail to render properly in your browser you can find the interview here.

If iTunes is your thing, you can download a podcast of the show here.

Thanks for having us on the show Matt!

–// Craig Amos

FULL DISCLOSURE: Wayland Group are not an Equity Guru marketing client. The ABC does not pay talent or the subject of stories for interviews – more here

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