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June 08, 2023


Investment information for the new generation

TGOD (TGOD.T), Crop Infrastructure (CROP.C) and ABcann (ABCN.V) put out news, as pro sports flirts with CBDs

According to an August 1, 2018 Forbes article, “Basketball’s BIG3 [a 3-on-3 hoops league] has become the first professional sports league in the U.S to allow its athletes to use cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that many people use to manage pain and inflammation.”

Psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis products are moving into the mainstream.

On August 2, 2018 The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings (TGOD.T) elaborated on its July 19, 2018 announcement to distribute a dividend to TGOD shareholders consisting of a warrant that will entitle the holder to purchase a unit of TGOD Acquisitions at 50 cents.

“This is an incredible opportunity for TGOD to transfer expertise and monetize our proprietary knowledge from the Canadian marketplace,” stated TGOD CEO, Brian Athaide.

“The intention is to raise additional capital and list TGOD Acquisitions on the Canadian Securities Exchange. We are excited about this unique opportunity to reward our investors and provide additional value to TGOD shareholders.”

The record date for distribution of the Warrants is anticipated to be late September, 2018. This plan does require approval by a 66.6% shareholder majority at a special meeting expected to take place in September 2018.

TGOD – which has about $300 million in cash lying around – is giving its shareholders an opportunity to invest in an internationally-focused cannabis company while leaving the core company servicing the burgeoning Canadian market.

In the future, TGOD Acquisitions will operate at arm’s length to TGOD with an independent board of directors and management team. This deal makes sense, and we will be voting for it.

On August 2, 2018 Crop Infrastructure (CROP.C) published news on its joint venture; 25-acre Xhemplar hemp farm in Italy.

The 25-acre property was planted less than 50 days ago, has now produced approximately 600,000 healthy hemp plants.

The plants are expected to be harvested in the next 20 days.

“We’re looking forward to CROP building out the extraction facility and unlocking the true value of the hemp plant,” stated, XHemplar Chairman Andrea Castiglione, “In 2019 we will look to increase the scale of our operations and asset base in Italy with CROP Infrastructure.”

The joint venture has erected three drying facilities in the preparation for saleable dried hemp biomass. The company has also identified multiple locations for an extraction facility.

The high CBD hemp will be sold as biomass or processed into CBD isolate for international markets. The joint venture’s products will be branded under XHemplar and CROP brands Tiffany CBD and Hempire Italia.

The CEO of XHemplar Giuseppe Castiglione is the former Vice President of Sicily.  As an agricultural company, XHemplar enjoys substantially lower tax rates than companies in other Italian industries.

“CROPs portfolio of cannabis infrastructure assets now includes cultivation properties in California, Washington State, Nevada, Italy and Jamaica,” stated CROP Director & CEO Michael Yorke, “Management will continue to aggressively pursue new international opportunities and expand its portfolio of tenant growers and infrastructure assets in strategic jurisdictions.”

On August 02, 2018 ABcann (ABCN.V) announced the launch of Lumina, an adult-use cannabis brand and product line aimed at the health & wellness market.

From alleviating stress to promoting focus, creativity or a sense of calm, Lumina supports a holistic approach to mental and physical well-being, key considerations in the flourishing wellness sector.

“Lumina is the third entry in ABcann’s growing lineup of cannabis brands, joining Beacon Medical and FIRESIDE in our premium portfolio,” stated Barry Fishman, CEO.

According to ABcann’s projections, Lumina products will be ready-to-go when Canadian weed is fully legalised October 17, 2018. The product line is based on the belief that “a healthy mind and a healthy body are connected”.

The Lumina news comes hot on the heels of ABcann’s July 30, 2018 “transformational acquisition” of Canna Farms.

Key Highlights:

  • Increased Capacity and Scale
  • Diverse Production Capability
  • Expanded Product Line
  • Strengthened Leadership Team
  • Immediately Accretive
  • Cost and Operational Synergies
  • Transaction Summary

The $133 million deal is comprised of $22 million in cash and 92.5 million ABcann shares.  The two co-founders of Canna Farms will each own 16.1% of ABcann’s outstanding shares.

Lumina Oils come in three formulations:

  • CBD Oil: 0 mg/mL THC, 25 mg/mL CBD
  • Balanced Oil: 12.5 mg/mL THC, 12.5 mg/mL CBD
  • THC Oil: 25 mg/mL THC, 0 mg/mL CBD

The BIG3 is a novelty sports league, created by rapper “Ice Cube” featuring 3-on-3 basketball played by retired NBA players.   The NCAA is also softening its stance on cannabis use.

“CBD is a desperately needed natural way for athletes to recover from minor and major injuries without long-term effects or addictions,” stated the Forbes article.

Full Disclosure:  TGOD, CROP and ABCN are Equity Guru marketing clients, we also own stock. Equity Guru supports the thesis that reducing the number of players on a basketball court – from 10 to 6 – could make it more interesting.

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