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By: Andrea Hill

Congratulations to Northern Green!

  • SkyLaw client Northern Green Canada Inc. has received producer’s licence #100 issued by Health Canada.  SkyLaw is incredibly proud to be working with Northern Green on a variety of exciting endeavours.  Congratulations!
  • We don’t know for sure that Northern Green was #100 – their licence was issued in a batch of four from #97 to #101.  But we like to think it was 100, because that number reflects the percentage of themselves that Northern Green’s team has put into the extraordinary licensing process, an undertaking that took them just over four years to the day to complete.
  • Mary Mill, Northern Green’s Director of Public Relations, thanked the company’s shareholders for their support and commitment over the course of the licensing process.  The company’s next step will be to produce two demonstrative crops for inspection by Health Canada; it will then apply to become licensed to sell products to the public.
  • “Northern Green Canada is committed to making people’s lives better through the control of pain, with no risk of opioid addiction,” said the company’s CEO, Lisa McCormack.
  • Northern Green has an all-female board, a cutting-edge production facility in Brampton, Ontario, and a top-notch professional team which is dedicated to making their company one of Canada’s preeminent licensed producers of medical cannabis.  Like that of many of the early applicants, Northern Green’s road to licensing has been a long one.  The reward is all that much more sweet and deserved.
  • For more information about NGC, visit their website at www.northerngreencanada.com

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Andrea Hill is a corporate and securities lawyer with SkyLaw Professional Corporation in Toronto. Recognized as one of Canada’s leading legal experts in corporate cannabis law, Andrea writes for the Globe and Mail about cannabis laws and works with a broad variety of clients in the cannabis space, including publicly-listed licensed producers of marijuana, licence applicants, and ancillary businesses such as tech companies focused on the cannabis industry. For more information about Andrea, visit the SkyLaw website here.


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Andrea Hill

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