Blockchain Sector Abuzz

The needles are bouncing on our blockchain dashboard as many of the blockchain-based tech stocks we track are trading volume. Exeblock (XBLK.C) has traded 86x its average volume on news that they are going to launch a fundraising appdisrupt the fundraising sector.”

360 Blockchain (CODE.C), Hive (HIVE.V), and Hashchain Tech (KASH.V), also showing big volume early.

BYD’s zesty hybrid SUV is called the “Tang”

Chinese Auto Is ready For Its Closeup

Bloomberg ran a big feature this morning on the international ambitions of the Chinese auto sector, including Li Shufu’s Lynk & Co., and Warren Buffett backed electric car maker BYD.

If this catches on, keep an eye on LME metals stocks.

Canadian Morning Media

The Financial Post has everyone blaming everyone else for high oil prices in a “whose fault is this?” listicle with no real conclusion, other than speculation that Trump could release domestic US petroleum reserves.

The Globe and Mail‘s Jeff Lewis reports that Enbridge is getting pounded this AM as a Minnesota judge rejected its proposal to build a replacement to their Line 3 pipeline along a different route, suggesting instead that it should rebuild the pipeline along its existing right of way. (BEWARE: Paywall)

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