‘The Force is not about lifting rocks. It’s a tension, order, balance.’

I know someone who has seen the new Star Wars movie eighteen times will correct the quote above, but when I saw it, that’s how I remembered Luke Skywalker’s words. I noted them specifically because, frankly, they explain why blockchain is going to be so important in the world.

Data has always lived somewhere. And when it is needed, that somewhere is called on. And when that somewhere is compromised, bad things happen.

To fight that, the world has always replied on copies of the original data, so when it all goes to hell, we can compare back to what it used to be. But that’s sometimes not helpful in any means other than to figure out what gate to close after the horse has done a runner.

The blockchain starts from scratch and says, what if data lived everywhere, protected by encryption but verified by everyone, constantly. I send you money from my bank account, and everyone else at the bank verifies that I sent it, and you got it, and that nothing got hijacked. Simple.

But a lot of computer power is needed to make that happen, which is expensive, so cryptocurrency came in to reward those doing the work with compensation. Verify my transaction, earn a tiny amount of blips. I verify yours, and I too get some blips. When one of us has enough blips, we can use them to buy something. Or, in the case of everyone right now, just sell for a profit down the line.

So that’s where the Star Wars misquote comes in. Blockchain isn’t about earning crypto, it’s about bringing balance and order to the financial world in a way that doesn’t live at JP Morgan or Bank of America. It’s about securing data while making it easier to get to. Balance. The natural order.

It ain’t lifting rocks.

So when a company says “We’re getting into blockchain,” and the first thing they tell you about how that’s going to happen is they’re setting up some servers to mine alt currency, what you’re getting it the lifting of rocks. And anyone can do that.

The balance is the real stuff, the big opportunity, because that can make just about every industry, every task of data wrangling, every need to bring order to millions of quantibytes (I just made that term up, but let’s assume it’s big) of constantly changing data points, while keeping those data points at the ready.

Blockchain will be big in banking. And in insurance. And in logistics. And in compliance. And in accounting, and package delivery and medical records and weed tracking and search engines and government and real estate and… well, everything.

When The Empire is trying to keep track of millions of planets and whether they’re paying their taxes, if they’re not using blockchain tech, they’ll need to build a Data Star to sit next to the Death Star, and the ISP bills will be horrific.

Why does any of this matter?

Because there’s blockchain and there’s Blockchain.

Because there’s folks using blockchain to make industry run better, to make it more secure, less expensive, faster, more open – and there are people putting big-B Blockchain into their company names to raise a bunch of cash on a market run, with the hope that they’ll figure out what to do with it somewhere down the line.

I tell you this because a company put out news today that pushes them deep into the small-b blockchain world, and that’s where the real money will be made.

Imagine, if you will, a cryptocoin was out there that was designed specifically for betting. For lotteries, sports gambling, online fantasy sports, casino games.. You could certainly see how an industry like that would have a use for a more secure, faster, more transparent yet still anonymous platform to actually run, verify, and pay out bets.

Now imagine that gamling-focused cryptocoin, when it starts to get some real traction, has millions of dollars of gaming rolled through it every day. Or every hour. Or every minute.

Now imagine if a company built an app that helped that coin work, that locked in the process of selling tickets, verifying tickets, tracking payments, tracking winners, ensuring winners are paid and losers pay up – and that every time that app was called on, a small percentage of the transaction went to the company that built the app.

Welcome to eXeBlock (XBLK.C).

See, while you guys were off buying things because they were going up, and suddenly found yourself holding a bunch of stock of a company that hadn’t actually announced a business plan yet (what’s up, UBI Blockchain Internet (UBIA.OTC) with your $7 billion market cap and your ‘beside you block chain security expert’ website slogan), SeXy eXe was locking things down with the Peerplays group, that run what you might call the Bitcoin of gamling; PPY.

eXeBlock Technology Corporation (CSE: XBLK) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with the Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association to develop four decentralized applications (‘DApps’) over the course of the next twenty-four months. The DApps will be compatible with the Peerplays blockchain platform. eXeBlock will use its team’s expertise in developing the DApps and will have full discretion in determining which DApps to develop.

Translation: Peerplays came to eXeBlock looking for functionality on its network. After all, in order for people to use Peerplays for its intended purpose, developers need to be able to plug in useful apps to their own sites, to make things go.

Think of it like this: For years, if you needed a website, you had to go build one yourself. Or pay a guy. And that guy always sucked.

Then, one day, WordPress became a thing and anyone who wanted a website could just install their software and bang one out (like we did at Equity.Guru).

Then, one day, Squarespace came along and you didn’t even need to install the software anymore.

Peerplays, right now, is that guy you had to call, who sucked a bit. eXeBlock has been developing the WordPress functionality, that will allow folks to run their gambling apps on Peerplays more easily (the eXe50/50 DApp, which is at the white paper stage). Next, they’re neck deep in their Freedom Ledger app, which will bring things up to that Squarespace level, by making it possible to convert currency into cryptocurrency, and back. That plugin will allow developers to bring that functionality to whatever they’re building – and eXeBlock will get a cut of all their transactions in return.

And beyond that, Peerplays has selected eXe to go deeper, with four more DApps.

What’d they give eXe for that?

With the commitment to develop the DApps, eXeBlock will receive approximately 940,000 Peerplays (‘PPY’) tokens. PPY tokens are digital assets that will allow holders to vote on operational modifications within the network and share in revenue generated by DApps operating on the Peerplays blockchain platform.

Now, the company couldn’t put a value figure on that in their news release, what with accounting rules and exchange policies, but if we look at the value today of one PPY token, we find this:

0.00413000 BTC
Total Supply: 5,460,084 PPY

So eXeBlock will receive just over $10 million in PPY tokens, by my reckoning, which is just under 20% off coins in circulation. And since they have no need to sell those token, and cryptocurrencies are generally on the upswing, that $10m could rise substantially over time.

“The development of DApps compatible with the Peerplays network will allow eXeBlock to quickly penetrate a high value untapped market in blockchain through an established network with the unique capacity to support a significant user base,” said Ian Klassen, Chief Executive Officer of eXeBlock. “This transaction accelerates our timeline to meaningful revenue generation.”

You’re damn right it does. You guys, this has the potential to be the Paypal of the Peerplays network.

Now, it’s not that yet, and Peerplays will need to penetrate the gamling industry in a big way in order for that to happen, but that’s what it has been designed to do, and that it has blessed eXeBlock with a bunch of tokens to get moving on the functionality shows they’re serious about this.

We’ve been covering eXe since the day it landed on the public markets and, frankly, you guys haven’t figured it out yet. The stock price has stood still and, though a lot of very serious financial markets guys are in on this deal, Joe Public hasn’t yet figured out what it all means.

THIS is what it all means. This is what they set out to do. Processing online gamling payments through cryptocurrency and back to regular old cash. This is the deal.

And this is evidence that the company wasn’t just set up to join in the ‘we’re all in blockchain’ musical chairs game. This is real business, that was real money that just landed on them, and it’s time for other blockchain deals to get as serious.

– Chris Parry

FULL DISCLOSURE: eXeBlock is an Equity.Guru marketing client

Written By:

Chris Parry

A multi-Webster Award winner for excellence in BC journalism, Parry is the founder and publisher of Equity.Guru, which he built with the specific plan to blend old school reporting with stock promotion, in a way that puts the emphasis on truth, high standards, and ethics. Parry is a veteran of TV, radio, and print, and consults with public companies to help them figure out their storylines, lay down achievable milestones, and improve their communication with shareholders, while also posting regular deep dive analysis of companies in the public spotlight.

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