Local Growers want in on Quebec market

In the Journal de Quebec Patrick Bellerose reports on the Union of Agricultural Producers (UPA) lobbying the Quebec government for permits to sell to the Quebec wholesaler.

Their main point is the good old tried-and-true hot button of a local industry. Currently only two producers are licensed in Quebec, compared to 44 in Ontario.

The UPA wants the government to help develop the local production industry – so Quebec will have a homegrown supply. I called this a while back, this is exactly the kind of industry ripe for subsidies and government patronage.

Martin Caron a UPA V.P. says (Translation mine:)

“[Cannabis] Producers should be supported like producers in other secotes. Financial support, and support for producers.”

It’s only a matter of time before the government bennies start flowing, and companies buying into the government relations game are going to profit. (e.g. Hydropothecary).

Quebec leaves permits up to Ottawa

Related to the piece above, in Le Devoir Marie Michele Sioui discusses the Quebec decision to let Ottawa handle permitting for Cannabis producers.

The minister responsible, Lucie Charlebois is hoping Ottawa shows some love for Quebec producers, but is clearly leaving the responsibility in the hands of the Federal government.

Andre Mousseau, the President of the Greenhouse growers association has a fun quote (Translation mine:)

“This isn’t bananas you know, we can grow this here.”

Exactly, a new agri-crop means new potential to control a business. Unsurprisingly, the Parti-Quebecois has lined up behind the effort to grab a bigger piece of the regulatory and production pie for Quebec.

Finally, the CAQ, the also-ran third party says they will be tougher on cannabis, raising the legal age and restricting it further. Ok boys, sure.

Jobs Jobs Jobs 

In the Journal de Montreal Prisca Benoit reports on the first production facility opening on the island of Montreal. They received 1900 resumes for 38 positions.

The operator is our old friend Aurora Cannabis (ACB.C). The article goes on to talk about Hydropothecary (THCX.V) and their facility in Gatineau. They are getting 100 resumes a week, whether or not any positions are posted.

The final bit is about salaries etc. more of a fluff piece.

All of this pulls together in one theme – Quebec cannabis is here and the same people who meddle in every other thing in the province are lining up to do the same thing here.

The takeaway? Do your research, look for producers who are in good with the provincial government, and you’ll know where the fix is in.

Quebec Update is my semi-regular review of french language media stories in area we are interested in. I do not own stock in any company mentioned above.

Written By:

Stephan Herman

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