California online lottery ticket dotcom Lottogopher (LOTO.C) has had a ripping last few trading days as Powerball fever gripped the west coast.

With a US $447 million prize jackpot having apparently been won, but with no ticket holder yet to claim the prize, a southern California liquor store where the winning ticket was sold has become the centre of a media frenzy.

And that’s been great for Lottogopher, which helps gamblers buy lottery tickets online, and only recently listed on the CSX.

Hot off a 17% jump Monday as the Powerball news started dominating the airwaves, the bodega line-skipping startup had been handing out free lottery tickets to Californians who signed up to its service, bringing a 22% share price leap today as user numbers are expected to surge. That amounts to a 42% rise over the last two trading days

The company hasn’t reported any data in the wake of the Powerball win, which was the tenth largest in US lottery history, but has been active in sponsoring California professional sporting teams through the recent Stanley Cup run, and has released an ad campaign with Kardashian cling-on Scott Disick, which was shared with his millions of followers.

— Chris Parry

FULL DISCLOSURE: The author has purchased stock in Lottogopher. The company is not an Equity.Guru marketing client.



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