Marapharm Ventures (MDM.C) celebrated it continued progress today when the company, based out of Kelowna, British Columbia, announced its wholly-owned subsidiary, Econevada LLC, holder of a provisional production license for lab-tested oils and edible cannabis-infused products, is ready to produce.

According to the news release, production will take place at Marapharm’s facility, presently under construction in Apex Industrial Park, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The company has obtained a collection of recipes, including cookies, chocolates, brownies, candies, hot chocolate packets, topicals and oils.

Now these aren’t the zany concoctions your buddy dreamed up on a Friday and swears will work. Everything on Marapharm’s menu is both proven and successful.

Secure, child-proof containers are currently being designed for the marketing and branding of the on-coming product line.

The sunny end of this deal is so close you can taste it as online brochures for preview and pre-orders from marijuana dispensaries in Nevada will be distributed in the next several weeks.

The estimated market for general marijuana-infused products was gauged between $650 to $850 million in a January 2015 issue of the Marijuana Business Magazine. Since that point, the scope of the market has increased dramatically.

Company CEO, Linda Sampson, commented, “Since the story in the Marijuana Business Magazine was written, Nevada has legalized marijuana for recreational use. In addition to the Nevada market, there are close to 50 million adults who travel to Nevada annually. Tourists might be more inclined to purchase edibles over raw cannabis because they are less conspicuous and easier to consume. Marapharm is preparing to meet the projected needs of the market place.”

Currently, Marapharm has 300,000 square feet of medical marijuana licenses for its land and facilities in Washington and Nevada.

Marapharm has also applied for an MMPR license with Health Canada. In September 2016, Health Canada contacted the company to amend its application to allow for the new regulations in the ACMPR.


FULL DISCLOSURE: Marapharm Ventures is an EQUITY.GURU client.

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Gaalen Engen

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