We have three days until the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco. The one-day affair will feature individuals like keynote speaker Henry Rollins, rebel advocate who rose to public prominence as the face of Black Flag, one of the progenitors of the West Coast Punk Scene in the early 80s.

Since the fist-swinging days of surf punk, Rollins has rolled on to tour North America as a spoken word artist. He is perceived as an independent intellectual in terms of social reform.

Tommy Chong is also on the roster for ICBC 2017 San Francisco.

Cheech and Chong broke ground in the early seventies with their stream-of-consciousness comedy satirizing everything from social mores to drug culture. 

When Cheech left the duo to focus on his film career, Chong, through happenstance and choice, positioned himself as a popular spokesperson for legalized cannabis.

Chong’s well-publicized stint in jail for the distribution of pipes over the Internet cemented that image. 

Wait, there’s more  celebrity. You may know John Salley as a sports hero, TV show host and actor. What you may not know is that he’s a staunch vegan and a outspoken proponent for the dietary movement, “Vegan eating is not just a slam dunk for human health; it’s also the most effective way to combat climate change.”

Lastly, there is Gavin Newsom.

Newsom is a political veteran at both state and municipal levels. The Lt. Governor of California is also an advocate for social reform and has acted as a host to the Urban Rural Roundtable where a group of experts explored methods of promoting regional food development and increased access to healthy affordable food.

Thankfully, it isn’t all about the faces at ICBC 2017 San Francisco. There is an informative lineup of panels and discussions for anyone interested in knowing more about the B2B segment of legalized cannabis and hemp.

After Rollins morning keynote, attendees will get an up-to-date walkthrough talk regarding California regulations and licensing. Then there’s a discussion on distribution models and license types.

Later in the afternoon, the event will continue with a panel discussing how to survive and thrive in the Trump Administration while operating in the cannabis industry.

Then there’s a panel on one of the key issues facing the cannabis industry in the U.S.

With the dichotomy between state and federal legislation when it comes to cannabis, financing and distribution has become an incredible challenge for anyone wishing to grow into a national entity within the space.

Marc Lustig, CannaRoyalty (CRZ.C) CEO, is one of the panel members laying out the legislative labyrinth cannabis start-ups face in getting their hands on the much-needed investment.

CannaRoyalty seeks to address this issue by providing the capital, management consultation and industry experience necessary for those businesses operating within the dot bong sector that wish to grow behind state borders.

Lustig explained further in statement which announced his participation in ICBC 2017 San Francisco, “CannaRoyalty provides North American investors with a unique public vehicle to access the legal cannabis sector through a fully integrated portfolio of assets and interests, including royalties, in the United States and Canada.”

The conference itself is expected to act as a platform for top state regulators, investors and industry leaders to discuss permits, business models and opportunities within the space.

With Lori Ajax, former chief deputy director of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and California’s unofficial “Marijuana Czar” and Amber Morris, new branch chief for the CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing program, in attendance, you can be assured of getting the big picture in accurate detail.

It’s nice that Rollins is lending his voice to the conference, but from what I understand, you must be a VIP to see Rollins (beyond his keynote speech), Newsom and Chong. That honor will dig another US$200.00 out of your pocket.

Celebrity is fine, but the meat of this conference comes in the panels and networking.

If you intend to make an informed investment in the legalized cannabis space, ICBC 2017 San Francisco and other conferences such as CannaCon, should be on your agenda. Otherwise you can listen to your stoner buddy and lose your nest egg, your choice.

Written By:

Gaalen Engen

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