Finore Mining (FIN.C) takes next step in weed conversion, sells copper-nickel deal

Those wondering when mining-to-weed-soda play Finore Mining (FIN.C) may finally switch their name and symbol to something closer to its Kushtown USA brand will be interested to note news emerging from Casa Finore that they’ve done a deal to lay off their platinum-copper-nickel project in Finland.

The deal, for the Lantinen Kollismaa plot, will see the company’s Nortex Minerals Oy subsidiary shifted to Nickel One Resources (NNN.V) in return for 5 million common shares of that company, a value of $275,000, not including warrants that are also involved in the deal.

That is, it *was* valued at $275,000, until the news rolled out and Nickel One stock jumped 45% to $0.08, from $0.055. Now it’s a $400,000 deal, meaning Finore just earned more revenue than 90% of the weed companies on the exchange, without selling any weed.


Speaking of the weed side, Finore’s Kushtown USA brand has 20+ weed-based soda flavours that have been in California dispensaries for some time. They also have THC hot sauce, which I’ll have 18 cases of, thank you very much.

— Chris Parry

FULL DISCLOSURE: Finore Mining is an Equity.Guru marketing client and the author owns stock in the company.

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Hey Chris,

Whats going on with FIN? Trading has been on hold for like 3 weeks now. Any idea when trading will resume?