Southern Lithium (SNL.V) pushed exploration ahead at its Cruz Property located in the Pocitos salar basin in Salta Province, Argentina when the company announced earlier this week that it had begun a geophysics program at the property.

According to the news release, the company will be carrying out a controlled-source, audio-frequency magnetotellurics (“CSAMT”) geophysical survey.

So, what’s a CSAMT? Essentially, you put a transmitter at one end of an area you have interest in. This transmitter then emits a controlled electric signal in a range of frequencies which is then picked up by a receiver at the other end of the area.

The received electric and magnetic fields are then measured and like an ultrasound reading at your doctor’s office, the CSAMT gives geologists an inside peek of the underlying geological structure without having to use a pick axe and a shovel.

Specifically, the test reads resistivity in rock and sediment porosity as well as the density of pore fluids. This indicates the concentration of dissolved salts, including lithium, in the pore fluids.

The process is low-impact and non-invasive and will help the company further delineate drill targets Southern expects to explore through a drilling program scheduled for early this spring.

The CSAMT will allow Southern to identify Halitic zone formations (rock salt) as well as structures such as district and local faults which exert significant control on mineralization.

Company President, Larry Segerstrom, commented, “The CSAMT geophysical program will strongly assist the Company in identifying and mapping potential lithium-rich brine targets for the next phase of exploration.” We are excited to be on the property which is strategically located within the ‘Lithium Triangle’, where over half of the earth’s identified resources of lithium are found.”


FULL DISCLOSURE: Southern Lithium is an EQUITY.GURU client.

ADDENDUM (10/10/17): The author of this article erroneously labeled Southern Lithium as an Equity.Guru client. This was never the case. The company was listed as a ‘focus’ company of ours (hence the confusion) because we were considering buying into their financing, but we ultimately decided against that. Focus companies are not necessarily clients, rather they’re companies we believe merit a serious look that we have no commercial arrangement with, but may or may not have invested in on the open market. Others that have been in this category include CannaRoyalty, and currently include HIVE. There has never been, nor is there likely to be, any commercial arrangement with Southern Lithium.

Just so we’re clear, Victoria. 

Written By:

Gaalen Engen

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