PODCAST: Indoor Harvest (INQD) takes vertical farming to the next level (pun intended)


When I was writing about the potential of Arcturus Growstar Technologies (AGS.C) earlier this year, I got some emails from a guy who was clued in on the space. “There’s more to the story of this industry,” he said. “I’d love to share.”

I didn’t hurry getting back because, busy.

But he kept coming. In fact, he was relentless. Eventually he simply would not be denied, so we teed up a call.

That guy was Chad Sykes, and he runs Indoor Harvest (INQD), a vertical farming entity that is not only keeping an eye on the cannabis space, but also has a very well known insider aboard by the name of Chuck Rifici, he of Nesta Holding Company.

You may know Rifici from his time helping found what would become Canopy Growth Corp (CGC.T), which has only gone from zero to a billion-dollars-plus in a few years. He’s also a part of CannaRoyalty (CRZ.C), which debuted last week at a value of $140 million. And he was/is a mover-shaker in the federal Liberal Party, which doesn’t hurt when that party is currently shaping regulations that will dictate how the weed space will look for the next four-plus years.

Sykes can talk. But that’s a good thing when you know what you’re talking about. In today’s Equity.Guru podcast, we wind him up and let him go, so you can get a better sense of what his company is doing, with current vertical farm projects in Pasadena, Boston and Ottawa (with the aforementioned Canopy Growth Corp.).

I was impressed enough with the guy that I bought stock in the company on the open market, which I continue to hold.

— Chris Parry

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