2016 has been a big one for Equity.Guru. We started in February, we’ve built traffic and our client base rapidly since that time and, as the year nears a close, we find ourselves in a position where we have no choice but to expand our roster.

We’ve already brought on sales and IT folks, but what we really need now are people who can handle website grooming, write interesting, funny, no holds barred news and analysis, and are prepared to write fast and hard rather than pontificate for hours over which word to use.

If you know how to edit audio: Bonus points. If you understand the public markets: Bonus points. If you know how to handle mailer software, great.

If you’re based out of the US, we can work with that. If you’re local in Vancouver, even better.

Central to everything should be a desire to learn and the ability to call bullshit when warranted, even in the face of hate mail and nasty tweets.

We have office space you can use, and pay rate is dependent on your level of competence. We believe our people should have an element of freedom to write what they want, and we don’t do advertorial.

Think you’re the candidate we’re looking for? Drop a sample of your work to chris (at) equity (dot) guru. Especially if you’re female. The public markets need more of those.

— Chris Parry, head honcho

Written By:

Chris Parry

A multi-Webster Award winner for excellence in BC journalism, Parry is the founder and publisher of Equity.Guru, which he built with the specific plan to blend old school reporting with stock promotion, in a way that puts the emphasis on truth, high standards, and ethics. Parry is a veteran of TV, radio, and print, and consults with public companies to help them figure out their storylines, lay down achievable milestones, and improve their communication with shareholders, while also posting regular deep dive analysis of companies in the public spotlight.

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