Calyx Bio-Ventures (CYX.V): Closes financing, reveals more plans

Plucky rags to riches tale Calyx Bio-Ventures (CYX.V) put out news today that it has closed a small financing at $0.07, with a side note that a load of company employees have cashed in their options into the deal.

With $400,000 coming in from the PP and another $120,000 from the incentive options, the lights will most definitely be staying on for the foreseeable future at case Calyx.

The closing of the PP will likely see a return to the upward pressure on the share price seen in the last few weeks, with the current price sitting almost double where the raise was, at $0.12.

CEO Roger Forde tells me a lot of the guys who got into this ticker back when it was making jet fuel out of carinata oil (and trading at $0.30) are taking part in the financing now, and have been adding since the stock was trading at $0.02 a few weeks back.

Forde’s recent shift to industry-wide messaging software (think Slack for a whole industry, rather than individual companies) presents a secure environment for communication, B2B negotiations, and even commerce proper, according to what I’ve heard.

I saw a demo over the weekend, where the framework is currently being used in an alpha setting with an unrelated industry, and I like the potential. If an internal ecommerce system can be finalized, I could see the software going in a place Slack can’t.

Calyx will open the show with a cloud platform called LeafHub, focused on the Canadian space, with US state hubs to follow.

I have officially signed on with Calyx in a consulting capacity so you’ll see a lot more about them on-site in the months ahead.

— Chris Parry

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