Tinley (TNY.C) shot up so fast, PP warrants in the money before financing closed


No doubt, the marijuana sector has been going on an absolute tear the last few weeks, but the fastest, most consistent winner in the green sprint has been little Tinley Beverage Company (TNY.C), which isn’t so little anymore.

We started talking about California-focused Tinley when it was at $0.06, and I said at the time that I’d sit back on them a bit and wait for a financing. The next day, they put out news about a new product line of de-alcoholized alcohol drinks, with THC added so you get high instead of drunk/hungover. That took the stock to $0.10. I wrote about them again, saying I was all in on that idea, and it jumped again to $0.16, then we mentioned the company in our Vancouver Is Awesome investing column and it went to $0.44..

That’s great news for Tinley, but honestly far better news than they had planned for. In fact, when the stock got into the teens, CEO Jeff Maser tells me he locked in price protection for a $2.5 million private placement at $0.17, with $0.25 warrants, assuming things would smooth out from there.

Suffice to say, he hasn’t had any trouble filling that financing.

“Oh yeah, it’s way over-subscribed,” he says.

Congrats to readers who got into the stock a week ago, and/or into the financing.

And with Tinley now solidly on course to push its plans to fruition with the California referendum looming, Equity.Guru is now commencing a marketing program with the company for the next several months, where we’ll follow the company’s path to getting it’s new Tinley ’27 brand weedcohol drinks to market.

Readers wondering whether that now-cheap financing will hurt the stock, but I honestly think it’s going that financing is going to close in a Ticketmaster-like eight seconds, and it’ll be right back to the open market.

— Chris Parry

FULL DISCLOSURE: I own stock in the company and am, as of now, on board as a marketing consultant.

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