Buy into a brewery with private equity deal – now or never

Okay, this is time sensitive, so don’t screw around. I’m not normally a private equity guy, but over at the private equity investment site, you can buy shares in Gastown hospitality icon Mark Brand’s Gibsons, BC-based Persephone Brewing until midnight tonight (Aug 31).

Normally private equity is a rich man’s game, but the minimum purchase here is just $250 so, literally, this is one accessible deal.

I just bought some because, beer, and because I’ve spent more than that on lunch at one of Brand’s bars, I’m pretty sure.

Will you ever be able to sell it? Well, if there’s some sort of exit event, or it goes public, sure. But, come on, you’d be an OWNER OF A BREWERY, which is basically every dream you’ve ever had as a millennial all wrapped up in one.

The sign-up process at the site is a bit of a drag, but that’s the case with all crowd-funding sites. Just go with it.

To get some, visit FrontFundr.

— Chris Parry

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