Peeps in the Biz: CEO.CA’s Tommy Humphreys on getting better info

EDITOR’S NOTE: Todd Aalgaard is a journalist I worked with back in my Postmedia days, and I’ve asked him to put together a series looking at some of the personalities behind the Canadian smallcap investment space. He brings an outsider perspective, which I think is important in a space that is increasingly over-connected and intertwined, and his first profile is of a guy who has achieved more in his first dozen years of adulthood than many will in fifty.

Best Buy (BBY) pops, jumps 21% on increased sales

Electronics retailer Best Buy (BBY) is generally a horrible stock to own. Retail is dying quickly, their advertising is the worst, it’s a terrible place to have to shop, Amazon has the e-commerce game sewn up, and the staples of Best Buy’s once dominant offerings – video games and cellphones – are increasingly things people don’t go to a big box store to buy.

Indoor Harvest (INQD): Real deal, stacked deck… or both?

I’m a fan of Vertical Farming, that being: the cultivation of stacked layers of plants (predominantly leafy greens) in a tightly controlled indoor environment with carefully timed exposure to specific light frequencies through light emitting devices (LEDs, which have gotten a lot cheaper over the last few years) and reliance on nutrient mixtures with a combination of hydroponic and aeroponic delivery and recirculation systems to foster crops instead of rainfall or traditional irrigation, rooted in a cloth like material or similar proprietary strata rather than soil. Companies like Indoor Harvest are exploring this technique.