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Are you an owner, manager, employee or large investor in a North American public company?

You are? Splendid. So here’s the deal.

We want Equity.Guru to be the go-to place for all investors looking for information about companies they may like to invest in.

But to do that, we need your help. So we’re offering an opportunity you won’t find anywhere else – entirely free coverage.

“But that’s crazy,” I hear you say. “How can this be?”

Oh, it be. There’s no catch. You won’t get harassed for time eternal. We won’t turn you into a ‘lead’.

Simply have someone at your favourite company fill in the details below and we’ll turn it into your very own ‘opportunity bible, hosted right here on our site, like a virtual trade show.

You make the pitch. You answer the questions. You point people to our site to see what you’ve said.

Pretty simple, eh?

Of course, if you like the response you get from Equity.Guru’s audience, we’ll be happy to talk to you about a capital markets program that can take you to the next level, but that’s up to you.

Once your answers are submitted, they’ll reside in our system and be published on our site after fact-checking.


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