Laguna Blends (LAG.C): In or out?


It’s coming to that moment. That time when, after the weeks of watching and waiting, of hearing that it’s going to start roaring and taking a gamble that, no, not just yet… it may just be time to get back in on Laguna Blends (LAG.C).

Not that I ever really got out, but you know how you’ve got that one stock in your portfolio that, if something heavy and immediate comes along that you want cash for because it’s going RIGHT NOW, you sell because, bah, this thing isn’t doing anything for a while?

Laguna has been that for me for a while.

And I’ve been hard on it. The company has been slower off the mark than promised, and a rollback a few months after a financing was tough to sit through.

And not everyone at the company has been happy with my coverage, because I’ve asked some tough questions that needed to be answered.

But there’s a thing at the heart of all this that has kept me present and intrigued, and that’s the damn product.

I drink Laguna Blends’ coffee. I don’t mean ‘they gave me a box full and I’m too cheap to toss it’, I mean I’ve gone out of my way to get it, because it’s genuinely really good. Maybe your tastes differ from mine, after all, there are people in the world who actually enjoy Starbucks, but this stuff is totally my jam – and I love that I get a protein hit from it as well, because I do the ’35g of protein within 30 minutes of waking up’ routine to help keep blood sugar in check.

Now they’ve finalized their new Pro369 protein product, adding four flavours to their affiliate marketing offerings, and they’re working on a ‘smart coffee‘ product after that.

I got a handful of the Pro369 last week and can confirm it’s good. Dissolves better than a lot of other product out there, including the Naturally Splendid (NSP.V) protein powders that came before it, and which provide the formula to Laguna.


(Yes, that’s my dirty thumbnail – it had been a rough day)

These are all good things. I’d have loved for them to have happened four months ago, but the grinding down of their share price presents an opportunity to get in at around 10% of the cost that the first movers paid to get in there.

Say what you will about where the company has been, or what’s been lost and by who, but when you realize where the stock sits TODAY – that’s a real ‘am I in or am I out’ moment.

The market is waiting for sales numbers, and I suspect it’ll get some soon. In the meantime, another PP is closing out and that will, I expect, provide enough juice to get this thing finally cranking.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m a consultant to the company, and still own some. But I’m looking to jump in with more when I see volume begin to rise… not yet… the market is still waiting.. but soon.

-Chris Parry

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