PODCAST: Veritas Pharmaceuticals (VRT.C) CEO explains his company plan


In our latest podcast, Dr. Lui Franciosi has chops in the pharma game, but the collection of professors emeritus, leaders in biochemistry, cancer research gods, and generally cleverer-than-me smartypants’ he’s put together at Veritas Phrama (VRT.C) is something to behold.

Their plan: Do clinical research on medical marijuana in a way nobody has done before, and find exactly which strain (or strains, or combos of strains) are the best at treating pain, nausea and vomiting – specifically as it relates to cancer patients.

It’s not often a Canadian junior markets CEO can say he cures cancer, but Franciosi is at least in the ballpark.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Veritas Pharmaceuticals is a marketing consulting client of Equity.Guru.

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  1. Great podcast, please keep them coming. Love learning more about the medical side of Marijuana. It’s a super drug that has so much to offer.

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