I’m in: Veritas Pharma (VRT.C) to receive Equity.Guru coverage


Regular readers (of my as yet un-launched site) will know I’ve been talking to Veritas Pharma (VRT.C) over the last few weeks. I’m liking the business more and more, the more I speak to them and meet the players involved, and Tuesday I met the inner circle and got the full pitch.

On the back of that meeting, today I’ll be commencing an unprecedented 18-month coverage period of the company.

That’s right – no four month marketing program followed by a year of burning paper. They’ve brought me in for a term that they feel will cover the ascension of their beast. They’re looking to build a real business here with interesting and experienced partners that will be growing for them and processing for them, with a board that features several multi-digit pharma exits behind them, and with links to academia that are second to none.

I don’t hate this deal, and look forward to writing about it well into deep 2017, if not later. Next to Golden Leaf (GLH.C), this is my only marijuana play right now, and I like the fact that the marijuana element is almost secondary to the biotech side because weed will be selling for 18c a pound soon enough, and that means margin for VRT.

Also, I’m buying into their private placement.

More to come.

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