Scammers and slam-dunkers: Equity.Guru’s top 10 most-read stories of 2016

Equity.Guru debuted in February of 2016 as a small blip on a very big radar.The first 100 visitors to a new site are the toughest ones to find, but with the help of a handful of appreciated smallcap founding sponsors (I’m looking at you, Equitas Resources (EQT.V) and Nano One Materials (NNO.V) ), a free WordPress template, a $5 logo and as much piss and vinegar as one can fit in a grande Starbucks cup, this site stepped off the ledge and went right into a triple twist with a pike somersault, nailing a big old belly flop on the landing and making a year of splash.

YDreams (YD.V) takes off at last, up 58% on sports news

Brazilian interactive software/hardware developer YDreams (YD.V) has been a company I’ve long talked about as being worth a bet, and its slow roll into the news cycle has tested that belief more than once. But yesterday’s news that the company had taken on a law firm that has previously represented Major League Baseball appears to have been just the tonic for those waiting on the sidelines.